Micro Tex Insulation

100% ECOLOGICAL blown heat and acoustic insulation

What is Micro Tex Insulation?

What is Micro Tex Insulation?

Microfibre insulation is of natural origin, mainly cotton, meaning from renewable resources. It saves natural resources, energy and the environment.

What is Micro Tex Insulation comprised of?

It is made from pure and harmless recycled textiles. By adding organic additives, the product is protected from rodents, insects and other pests, mould and fire.

What are the main properties of Micro Tex Insulation?

When coming into contact with fire, MICRO TEX® does not burn or melt and prevents fire from penetrating into other parts of the building, unlike mineral fibre insulation. MICRO TEX® is perfectly breathable, does not settle and provides good thermal insulation. It is non-toxic, does not contain formaldehydes and does not irritate the skin. Unlike other insulations, it has a very low thermal conductivity and a much greater specific heat capacity.

Main benefits of Micro Tex Insulation?

Micro Tex has almost 40% higher thermal performance and is cheaper when compared to mineral fibre-based insulation. The manufacture of MICRO TEX® INSULATION is environmentally friendly, and the insulation binds CO2 as a natural material.

How is Micro Tex Insulation utilized?

It can be used for all cavities in older roof structures, new structural elements for roofs, ceiling structures, outer walls and partitions. It is suitable for all building types such as normal, low-energy and passive homes, new and renovated homes, residential homes, apartment complexes, production halls or schools.

The application of Micro Tex Insulation

The insulation is typically applied by using specialized TAJFUN blowing machines (100% Czech product).

History of blown-in insulation

MICRO TEX INSULATION is an addition to ENROLL’s current product line, a company whose history dates back to 1991. It’s first insulation for the Czech market was TEMPELAN, which was successfully used in thousands of buildings in the Czech market.

Package and application machine

Package Micro Tex Insulation

  • size 33×40×60 cm, weight 12,5 kg

Application machine TAJFUN

Technical properties

Thermal conductivity coefficient λD, 23.50 0.053 W/m.K
Thermal conductivity coefficient λ10, dry, 90/90 0.048 W/m.K
Thermal conductivity coefficient at 8% RH
and 50 kg/m3 specific gravity

0.046 W/m.K

Reaction to fire classification Class – E
Diffusion resistance factor μ: < 2.0
Settling of loose-fill blown-in insulation applied to flat, non-confined surfaces  

Max. 20%

Settling with proper compaction in inclined faces or vertical partitions for specific gravity of 65 kg/m3 Zero settling (≤1%),

Class SC O for specific gravity of 65 kg/m3

Sound absorption coefficient αw = 1.00 Class A
Critical moisture content 75%
Resistance to air flow ≤ 2.5 kPa.s/m2
Moisture content Max. 5%

Loose-fill blown-in specific gravity (floors, ceilings)

30–65 kg/m3

(depending on layer, see the “Proper Specific Gravities” table


Specific gravity in inclined faces

45–65 kg/m3

(depending on layer, see the “Proper Specific Gravities” table

Specific gravity in vertical cavities At least 65 kg/m3
Rated specific gravities depending on insulation location to avoid insulation settling  

(depending on layer, see the “Proper Specific Gravities” table

Package 12.5 kg packs
European Assessment Document (EAD) No. 040138-01-1201
ETA – European Technical Approval: No. 19/0457
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