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Our company was founded as a family-based Czech company and this tradition has been maintained to the present day. The beginning of its existence takes us back to the early 20th century when the company was taken over by the present owner’s uncle who managed it until the period of socialization in the 1950’s. The company was restored under its old name in honor of the uncle right after the Velvet Revolution.

Our company makes use of its long-term knowledge, experience and it’s worker’s contacts primarily in the area of the trading of textile materials, including the textile fibers which are predominantly used in the automotive and building industry, in addition to products made of non-woven textile.

Besides business for own account and business procurement, an important part of our activities include consulting services provided to our customers, whether it represents any specific goods offered by our company or more general business and commodity knowledge.

We gained extensive experience during the foundation and development of CzechFibre, Ltd., which was the leading manufacturer of torn fibers in the Czech Republic when it was sold in 2019. Our present activities relate to the follow up this effort in the area of utilizing industrial wastes.

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