Textile Materials – Fibers




We offer a wide choice of shear fibers which we mostly supply “on-demand” from the warehouses of our business partners in EU.

We are able to assure production of the desired fiber with the required properties.

We directly represent the manufactured products of one of the top quality fibers in EU – GRISUTEN.

We offer a complete portfolio of:

VIRGIN fibers

  • solid fibers
  • hollow, conjugated and silanized fibers
  • PES/PES bico fibers

Repro fibers made of the PET wastes

  • solid fibers
  • hollow, conjugated and silanized fibers
  • all products with particular focus on IA as well as IB or substandard quality

Treatment and design

  • white and black color, and further colors on demand, both gloss and semi-matte
  • reduced flammability
  • anti-bacterial
  • hydrophobic
  • with remission effect
  • with the highest level of color stability
  • in the range of fineness dtex 0.9 – 17 and shear 21 – 150 mm

Our fibers namely originate from EU, China, South Korea, Indonesia, or Taiwan. Most of the fibers meet ÖKO-TEX certification.


In our offer, you’ll find:

  • high grade fibers imported from Asia, gray, bleached, from dtex 1.3-3.3/33-38 mm
  • bamboo fibers dtex 1.3/38 and 5.6/60 mm in gray color
  • sub-standards based on availability from EU or Asia

Regenerated/Torn Fibers

Regenerated or torn fibers represent a fast-developing market segment which primarily allows the assessment of industrial and municipal wastes, and secondarily the depreciation of seal manufacture inputs within the automotive industry, civil engineering and, generally, in the utilization of non-woven products. We primarily offer:


Viscose Fibers

  • polyester fibers
  • natural fibers, i.e. jute, sisal, kenaf
  • thermoplastic fibers with 20% to 100% proportion
  • aramid and further non-flammable fibers
  • various fiber mixtures or their treatments based on your requirements

Other Fibers

We offer special short fibers from 6 mm for civil engineering or the paper industry, for compound production and other special applications. Don’t hesitate to address us with your inquiry, we look forward to helping you with the arrangements.


From Shear Fibers

Material composition:

  • 100% cotton, 100% polyester, mixed yarns


  • rotor finish / OE
  • annular yarns / conventional finish
  • carded yarn
  • worsted
  • for knitting
  • for weaving

We will be happy to provide you with any necessary information at your request.

From Endless Fibers

Polyester Filaments 


  • gray white round semi-matte, in dtex 22 to dtex 167 fineness
  • black round semi-matte, in dtex 33 to dtex 167 fineness

Special types:

  • trilobal gloss
  • fire resistant
  • deep matte
  • recycled polyester
  • high-strength
  • thermally stable


  • textile
  • monofilament, gray white semi-matte dtex 22 to dtex 55
  • monofilament, black semi-matte dtex 22 to dtex 55


  • dtex 108 to dtex 975 black and white

Polyamide (Pa6) filaments

  • monofilaments dtex 17, 22, 33
  • multifilaments dtex 44 to dtex 78

We will be happy to provide you with any necessary information at your request.

Warp Beams

To be delivered on the knitting warp beams of various sizes from 14×21″ up to 40×65″. We are also able to assure warping of your material while simultaneously respecting the quality requirements.

We will be happy to provide you with any necessary information at your request.


Dear customers, our entire professional life revolves around textile fibers, raw materials, and it’s related products. We witnessed the end of this Czech-native industry in our own country coupled with a decline of such giant complexes as SLEZAN, TIBA or VELVETA and, contrarily, the development of immense and predominantly entirely new production capacities in the area of non-woven industries in JUTA, a.s., FIBERTEX, a.s., HP-PELZER s.r.o.  The volume of imported cotton wool, viscose and artificial fibers from the early nineties has been presently surpassed, particularly in the imported volume of polyester fibers and thermoplastic fibers.

In recent years, we took part in the development of certain new fibers, new technical fabrics and insulations for the automotive industry.

Our assistance also frequently results in the assurance of production technology by using our long-term contacts in markets abroad.

Should we gain your confidence, we will do our best to give you advice in technical issues regardless of whether these issues relate directly to the textile fibers or any other matters.

We are looking forward to meeting you and we thank you for your time.

"We will help give new ideas a solid foundation."

We will help give new ideas a solid foundation.
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